Gisborne secondary college

Hi it’s issey again, Today the year 5s and 6s went to Gisborne secondary college to see what its like to be there, we did two activities which was Drama and Art they both were very fun. My group was a mixed of all the year 5 classes and we did Art first, we a wonderful teacher Mrs Carter, for the activity we made a flowers out of a discs, after that we did Drama we did 2 fun games 1 was like Chinese whispers but with a Drama move, secondly we had to act like a room in a house. I’m very exited to have had a bit of knowledge before i go there in 2019.

Let the dance begin

We were up first, my legs shivering scared I was going to do something wrong. Microphones in front of me preparing for the big moment. My heart is pumping my legs nerves got to me it was time to SING!
Ruby D said what we were about to sing then the two guitars started playing. Ruby started us of then Sharnia was second then Macey. Now it was time for everyone to sing together my heart was still pumping then one of guitars stoped but we kept on singing louder and louder, I thought we were AMAZING!

I saw the last dance finish before we were about to walk up, my legs were even more nervous. We got into our standing positions, my head was down, now this was serious, 5,4,3,2,1 the music started playing it was time to DANCE! We finished the dance my legs felt numb, I knew it was time to settle down all the fears and nerves were away.



Webinar Report

Hi guys its been a long time since i’ve posted and I thought today would be a good DAY!, today at 9:20am 4B and 4A listened to a webinar about how people are scamming others to hack into their ipads and phones etc, today my focus was on fake charities and how people are stealing money from others.

This picture shows my learning on fake charities


This is a link to a website where i got some of my information

Authoer came

Hi, yesterday 20/10/16 Karlana Kasarik came to our school she is an author she has written her first book for her trilogy witch is called the stone keepers.


She talked about what to do if you want to become an author how much time and what to do to make your characters GREAT!

this picture shows the ideas for writing that she showed us.


My having a say book

This video is my having a say book that I have been working on in term three.



Kitchen garden reflection

This video shows all the kitchen garden reflection I’ve done in term three.

What I Enjoyed 

learning new recipes that I can cook at home.

what you learnt

The rules to be safe when cooking.

My reading goal then and now

This picture Shows my term three reading goal.


How I have achieved my reading goal

I have achieved my reading goal because I’m reading more pages then I used to.

How I achieved it

I have achieved my reading goal because I’ve made the right choices to sit next to someone that won’t distract me when I’m reading.

in term 4 I will choise a new reading goal